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Video Memoirs

After 10 years of late night parties, thousands of guests, and even being an event venue for SFLX, the LindyBooty House is closing its doors.

We are collecting your memories of LindyBooty and the SF Lindy Hotel. Ways that you can participate:

  1. Send us a short video (30 seconds or more) of you telling us about your memories of LindyBooty and/or the SF Lindy Hotel.
  2. Send us a collection of photos from your time at same.
  3. Make an entire flash presentation using Web 3.0 technology with hours of fully-interactive experience and a dedicated phone tech support line
  4. Come to FinalBooty and save your memories in our video recording/kissing booth!

After clicking on a video, give it some time to load!

Dave Madison
Quick history of the Booty [Video]
Kermit Goodman
brings back LindyBooty [Video]
Dave Madison
With a plea.. [Video]
Kyle Barbour
and his vast memories
(though I'm also a fan of take two) [Video]
Jeremy Lightsmith
talks about his inspiration and memories [Video]
Dan Prinz
and the cake incident (Todd *cough cough* Y.) [Video]
and the record breaking housing (furniture in yard: not true) [Video]
Nicole's Boyfriend (a.k.a. Cid Galicia)
tells us a story [Video]
Aurie Saavedra talks about
Dave's Blues Crepes [Video]
Ken Brown
talks about his horrifying costume [Video]
Sara Dwyer loves
(the) Booty (house) [Video]
Jeremy Sutton talks about
walking through the door [Video]
Heather's memories and thanks
King Leo
tells us about how he found FYLBooty [Video]
Larry Colen
and his memories of a neighbor moment [Video]
Iain Drummond is jazzed
and sad for the house [Video]
Anna F. remembers cops
and how the Fulton Fun House doesn't care [Video]
Kyle Barbour remembers
everyday life at the Fulton House [Video]
Karissa Lightsmith
sits and is bubbly [Video]
Eric Eltringham
loves SF and remembers the Booty De-Costuming Party and Pole Dancing [Video]
Scott Bloom
emulates Booty as much as possible [Video]
Jerry Warwick
from Texas talks about BootyCall and furniture [Video]
Send in your memories so that can be preserved here!
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